Colorful Workout…

yummie8yummie4^^i love the mesh cut-outs!  yummie3 yummie6 yummie7^^the high waist is perfect for moms!yummie1

Yummie capris | Yummie tank

I hope you had a great holiday! We go down to Scottsdale each year to spend time with Rob’s family for Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays, especially being in the Arizona heat! Whenever I know I am going to be over eating I like to work out a little extra to help balance it out. I packed these colorful Yummie capris and this Yummie top with a build in bra. I also have this sports bra that matches the capris. I love the Yummie brand for using the best quality materials and sucking everything in. As a mom I feel like they really understand the areas I need a little extra support (hello high waist!).

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Fall/Winter Poncho…

fishtail2 fishtail5fishtail3

poncho (under $40!) | leggings | otk boots | purse | hat | fishtail braid

These pictures are from forever ago (before Halloween!) but I had to share because this outfit has been on repeat ever since. I am so obsessed with ponchos and this one is perfect for both fall and moving into winter. Pair this poncho with these perfect black stretch pants and OTK boots for a comfy, warm and chic look.

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FabFitFun Welcome Box..


I am teaming up with FabFitFun again today! From reading my other posts you know I am OBSESSED with this company. Unfortunately the Winter 2016 box is already sold out (duh, because these boxes are Ah-mazing!) but have no fear FabFitFun is hooking you up with a Welcome box which contains past season favorites. As I have been with every box I am in love with every.single.item. Over $250 worth of all your favorite goodies are packed into their quarterly, seasonal box of heaven for only $50! And you can use code TARAW to get $10 off!



What’s in the box?

Doctor D. Schwab: Lightweight moisturizer is perfect under makeup or on its own to smooth and correct uneven skin tone. I love this to brighten up my skin!

OFRA: Beauty brushes. #11 is the perfect eyeshadow application tool and Brush #20 is designed to help you apply concealer/correct any liquid foundation.

Summer & Rose: moisture-wicking yoga towel for over your yoga mat.

Lather AHA Hand Cream: an unbelievably rich formula to help renew your hands each evening. Bonus is the wonderful primrose smell!

Jook & Nona Tag Necklace: This is one of my personal favorites. You probably see me wearing this all the time. The old bar is so simple and timeless.

HISY Battery Charger: There is truly nothing worse than your phone dying at a big event. This powerful portable charger will help you always stay at 100%.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo: This is another one of my favorites! I love that it goes on clear unlike some others that leave a weird white residue.

Popchips: A fun extra that packs a bold flavor and big crunch. My kids devoured these before I could even try one!


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Open front…

yummie-post-to-blog yummie2
yummie5_edited-1yummie4yummie3One of my favorite trends this fall/winter is a long open front cardigan or wrap. Throwing one on can totally change up the look of any outfit and adds an extra dimension of style. I have partnered together with Yummie several times because I absolutely love their clothing! This Cascading Wrap I am wearing is made of their signature pima cotton, which is the coziest material, ever! What trends are you loving this season? Thanks for stopping by! Xo

Mom Series: Sleep Training

I am so honored to be part of the “New Mom Series” on Ruthie Ridley’s blog! This week, I’m sharing my personal experience with sleep training and some tricks and tips to help any of those new moms get their little ones sleeping sooner than later. So what qualifies me to write this post? I have three little ones who have all successfully slept through the night since about 6 weeks old. Brooklyn is 4, Lydia is 3 and Beckett is 20 months now. Having our babies sleep early was so important for our family because our children are all so close in age. So how do you get a good sleeper? Well, some of it is lead by the baby, but I am a firm believer it is predominatly parent lead. I have a friend who’s baby still will not go to sleep without being nursed at 15 months and another who’s baby will only go to sleep if he is sucking on HER finger.

beckett3Because Beckett is the youngest (and I can remember our experience with him best) I will talk about that. At four weeks we moved him from our room and let him sleep in his own crib, in his own room. I am convinced when a baby is in your room they can smell your milk and stay awake. Also, every move my babies made I would get startled awake thinking something was wrong. I specifically remember one night jumping out of bed and shaking Beckett because he was sleeping so peacefully, I thought he wasn’t breathing. The book “On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the GIFT of Nighttime Sleep,” was our guid. You would think we would have it down by baby #3 but I pulled it out the last few weeks of each pregnancy to refresh myself each time. The book is slightly controversial but the concept is simple and surrounded by getting your baby on a routine. Eat, Wake, Sleep is the key. We followed the schedule and woke Beckett at the same time every day, then began the 2 1/2 hour routine. I am more of a night owl than a morning person so we would begin our day at 9am with a feeding, a little play time then back to sleep. The cycle continues at 11:30am, 2pm, 4:30pm, etc. A big focus is to let your baby sleep on their own, this includes not letting your baby fall asleep in a swing or bouncer. I know for me it felt SO HARD to let Beckett cry in his own crib or to force him to stay awake after a feeding instead of just going right to sleep but in the end it was so, so worth it. You can do this moms!

beckett1beckett2Feel free to email me with any questions if there was something I didn’t answer We teamed up with Modern Burlap for this post…. Thank you for reading! Xo, Tara

Fall’s must have sweater & braid..

img_0044 img_0046 img_0049 img_0050img_0043

Braid: Classic three strand by Just Braydz c/o | Sweater: BP mock neck sweater

I hope you had a great Halloween! I am finally getting some pictures up we took over the last few weeks. Life has been so crazy lately! Our offer got accepted on a house that *will be* our dream home, last week so we have been trying to get everything together to start construction hopefully in about 45 days. It is a HUGE project, every single square inch of the house needs to be repaired. Although its daunting I live for home remodels so this is totally my element. I can’t wait to start sharing bits and pieces with you all here!

But lets talk about this braid for a minute because its a dreammmmm! I hate that I cannot braid but fingers just don’t work like that! I was beyond excited when I found Just Braydz, braided headband and hair extensions. They sell braids sell everything from the classic three strand to wreath braids and in lots of colors to guarantee something closely matches your hair.

Also I need to mention sweater because it is fall’s must have. Yes, I have seen it on every.single.blogger but there is a good reason- its crazy comfortable and inexpensive ($38!)! I am wearing an XS (I normally wear a M) so make sure you size down.

Thanks for stopping by! Xo, Tara

Leather & Camo…

leather2 leather3 leather4 leather5 leather6leather

Happy Thursday, the weekend is almost here! Three things I am loving for fall this year: leather, camo and of course leopard! Life has been super crazy around here… we hare homeless right now. Yup, you read that right, homeless. We sold our home and had to move out on 9/30 and our rental condo isn’t ready until Friday. My sweetest friend, Carrie let us stay at her house while she was in Europe and a few extra days when they got back. Not having a home base is unbelievably stressful. Way more than I ever thought. And if you have noticed the blog is lacking, well that is because my camera ended up getting packed! I am hoping to find when we unpack this weekend. Wish us luck with our interim move!

Black Tie Optional…

maroonmaroon6 maroon2 maroon3 maroon4 maroon5

A few weeks ago I went to my first “black tie optional” fundraiser. It was such a cool experience (and totally made me wish I had tons of money to donate to charity!) I got so many compliments on this dress AND best part it is under $30!!! I love this red lace dress as well (under $25!). Sammy Dress has tons of great options at super low price points and good quality! Thanks for stopping by! Xo, Tara

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My favorite subscription box… *FabFitFun*

dsc_0603 dsc_0614^i loveeee the scarf tying guide.. who doesn’t need that?!dsc_0616^this is literally identical to the UD Naked 2 Palette dsc_0609dsc_0617 dsc_0618dsc_0611

FabFitFun has done it again being the best ever subscription box! I am literally obsessed and cannot say enough good things about this box. One thing that really separates FFF from other subscriptions is the mostly full sized items. I like getting sample size to try out but I generally love everything FFF and want the full size. Also this box is sent four times per year so everything is seasonal. The box is so popular in fact it actually already sold out! However if you join now you can received a Welcome Box, which is the most loved items from past seasons. The box is over a $200 value for just $49.99! Join now using code TARAW and receive $10 off your first box. If you want to see more, check them out on Instagram at @fabfitfun, #fffpartner, #fabfitfun. Thanks for stopping by!

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70s for the Fall..

tara-0009tara-0016 tara-0010 tara-0011 tara-0012 tara-0014 tara-0015

Denim (on sale!) | Top (on sale!) | Hobo Bag | similar hat | Sandals |

Sunglasses c/o

Happy hump day, friends! The 70s trend is back this fall and stronger than ever! I think one could argue this is actually no longer a “trend” because of how many seasons we have seen all things 70s. I am totally in love with flared denim, all the high waisted pants, floppy hats and hobo everything! Another thing I am loving is Ditto’s endless eyewear program. Its pretty simple, you get to choose from any pair (which included most high end designers) and swap them as many times throughout the month, for just $24! I have seen it all over the internet and just jumped on the band wagon this month. The service is super easy and convenient, with fast shipping. I also love the you get to keep your current pair until the next pair arrives so you are never without sunglasses. I had been wanting these pink Ray Bans for a while and actually figured I would just buy them once they arrived however they looked really small on my face and I didn’t like them enough to purchase. I was glad I was able to try them out and swap them for a new pair! All Brunette Ambition readers have the chance to try this amazing service out for one month FREE by using code: TARAW at checkout! If you decide to join, let me know what you think!

Xo, Tara

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